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Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla), called the Supreme Healer, embodies the highest aspect of healing energy.  When the Bodhisattva Baisajyaguru attained enlightenment he became the Buddha of the eastern realm "Pure Lapis Lazuli Light."  Anyone wishing to be healed (physically or mentally) or to heal others can meditate on the Medicine Buddha and recite the Medicine Buddha Sutra with his mantra: TATYATA OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RAZA SAMUGATE SOHA. (written in Tibetan Script below the image). 

The Medicine Buddha is depicted here wearing the 3 robes of a Buddhist Monk, holding a lapis-colored bowl of medicinal nectar and herbs in his left hand and the right hand resting on his right knee in the gesture of fearlessness, holding the stem of the medicinal Aruna fruit (Myrobalan).

This silkscreened print on 100% cotton is clear and finely detailed.

(Blue on White)
16"x 22"
Item# D-10
$15.00  Qty

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