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Prayer Flag Poles 

After searching for many years for good quality yet affordable flagpoles we finally gave up and designed our own.  We’ll let you in on our secret and you’re welcome to make your own - or you may purchase ours.   

½” electrical conduit (steel EMT) comes in 10’ lengths from most hardware stores.  It’s strong, lightweight and durable.   If you don’t like the shiny galvanized finish they can be painted; a brush works okay for a few pieces.  We had our poles powder coated a dark sky-blue color. 

We cut our poles in 5’  and 2’6”  lengths so they can be easily shipped through common carrier.  Standard EMT set screw couplings are supplied for easy re -assembly – it only requires a screwdriver.   

We also include a 1 foot length of ¾’ conduit for a base.  Simply bury or drive the base piece into the ground (careful not to damage the top end) about 8” and insert the flagpole.  If you want to take the pole to a picnic or camping loosen the couplings and take it apart.   

We offer our flag poles in both painted and unpainted options.   

We have three heights:  7’-6”, 10’ and 12’6”.  You can always put a smaller flag on a taller pole but we recommend the following minimum heights: 

 7’-6” –Universal Buddhist Flags, Dream Flags, Gesar Flags, Tibet National Flags,  2 Print Vertical Flags
10’0” – for 4 Print Vertical Flags, 5 Print Vertical Flags
12’6”  - for 6 Print Vertical Flags, 5 Print Vertical Flags, 10’ Bhutanese Flag, 7’ Bhutanese Flags 

    (FP-7.5)      7’-6”……..$40
    (FP-10)     10’-0”…….$45
    (FP-12.5)  12’-6”…….$50

Painted (Blue)
    (FP-7.5B)      7’-6”……$45
    (FP-10B)     10’-0”……$50
    (FP-12.5B)  12’-6”...…$55

Sorry, because of high shipping prices, our flagpoles are not available outside the United States.  If you are outside the US and are interested in purchasing some flagpoles write to us and we can look into frieght prices. 

If you want other options for flagpoles see our section on Poles for Prayer Flags.

(Dark Sky-Blue)
Item# FP-12.5B
$55.00  Qty

(Dark Sky-Blue)
10' Tall
Item# FP-10B
$50.00  Qty

(Dark Sky-Blue)
7'-6" tall
Item# FP-7.5B
$45.00  Qty

(Shiny Galvanized Steel)
12'-6" Tall
Item# FP-12.5
$50.00  Qty

(Shiny Galvanized Steel)
10' Tall
Item# FP-10
$45.00  Qty

(Shiny Galvanized Steel)
7'-6" tall
Item# FP-7.5
$40.00  Qty

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