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RHE- 6 Print Vertical Flag

These flags are really nice. They're tall (9 feet) and have ten multicolored printed tongues down one side. They have a single design woodblock print repeated 6 times on a single color background with a contrasting colored border. Available in 5 different colors - yellow, green, red, white and blue. 

The prayers on our vertical prayer flags are as follows:
Blue -
Health and Longevity - Tsa La Nam Sum 
White -
Purification of Karma -Vajrasattva
Red -
Wish Fulfilling Prayer- Sampa Lhundrup
Green -
Compassion Prayer - Praise to the 21 Taras
Yellow -
Victory over Obstacles - Gyaltsan Semo

If you're interested in our flagpoles we recommend a height of 12'6".

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Tsa La Nam Sum - 6 Print Vertical Flag
(black on blue with red trim)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6BC
$36.00  Qty

Praises to Vajrasattva - 6 Print Vertical
(black on white with blue trim)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6WC
$36.00  Qty

Sampa Lhundrup - 6 Print Vertical Flag
(black on red with yellow trim)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6RC
$36.00  Qty

Praises to the 21 Taras - 6 Print Vertical
(black on green with yellow border)
1'-8" x 9'0"
Item# 6GC
$36.00  Qty

Gyaltsan Semo - 6 Print Vertical Flag
(black on yellow with blue trim)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6YC
$36.00  Qty

6 Print Vertical Flag - Set of 5 Colors
(black on yellow, green, red, white & blue)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6MC
$170.00  Qty

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