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Eight Lucky Signs - Separate

The Eight Auspicious Symbols are shown separately in this composition.

The Conch Shell – An emblem of power, authority, and sovereignty whose blast is believed to banish evil spirits and avert natural disasters.
The Dharma Wheel – The ancient symbol of creation became the symbol of spiritual and universal law in Buddhism. The hub of the wheel symbolizes moral discipline, the eight spokes – the Noble Eightfold Path, and the rim – meditative concentration.
The Parasol – The traditional symbol of protection and royalty. The umbrella protects from all obstacles, illnesses and harmful forces.
The Victory Banner – The emblem of Buddha’s victorious enlightenment and the methods for overcoming worldly defilements.
The Knot of Eternity - represents the meditative mind. It is an endless knot that overlaps without a beginning or an end. - symbolizing the Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion.
The Golden Fishes – represent happiness, fertility and abundance
The Lotus – The symbol of absolute purity and compassion. It represents spiritual unfoldment – the transmutation of passion into compassion.
The Treasure Vase – The divine vase of inexhaustible treasures possessing the quality of spontaneous manifestation

The wall hangings in this section are printed on heavy weave, high quality, 100% cotton with vibrant colorfast textile inks. They are fully hemmed and through the top hem is placed a hand carved wooden dowel with string attached – for easy hanging.

Size: 22"x 32"
Item# W-2
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Eight Lucky Signs - Separate

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