Longevity Wall Hanging

Longevity Wall Hanging

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This 20"x 29" silk screen print is on heavy ribbed cotton fabric.  It is fully hemmed with sleeves at top and bottom.  The top has a hand-carved stick through the sleeve, with a multicolored thread tied for easy hanging.  This print is a limited edition.  It is no longer printed and there are only a few left.  It is on sale for half price  - $16.

This painting is common on the walls of monasteries and in Tibetan homes. The painting depicts a scene of the “Eternal Stone Mountain Paradise” where the people and animals live in harmony with their environment. The 6 Longevity Symbols represent the elements needed to create a self-sustaining, balanced environment

The 6 Symbols of Longevity are:
Longevous Cliff, Stone Mountain, is composed of the land; the solidity and eternal.
Longevous Man: So long as the land sustains us, human beings can survive.
Longevous Tree: Vegetation needs to be permanently living through the lands vital force.
Longevous Spring: Neither human being nor other life forms can survive without life-giving water.
Longevous Crane: Human beings should look after their friends, the birds so they may survive forever
Longevous Deer: The many kinds of fauna are our neighbors and need to be protected by humanity

The sage holds a crystal rosary symbolizing continuity and purity. The tree of longevity under which the old man sits is the divine peach tree imbued with many medicinal qualities. The conch shell shaped immutable rock of longevity has beneficial geomantic properties. The stream of longevity springs forth from the rock. Its pure water is the Nectar of Immortality which is contained in the vase held by Amitayus. The cranes, believed to live long lives, are ancient longevity symbols. A pair of cranes symbolize happiness and fidelity. It is said that deer is the only creature capable of locating the plant of immortality. In this drawing, the sage feeds a piece of the plant of immortality to the deer at his feet. The image symbolizes the natural harmony of the recluse, who, is untroubled by the cares of the world, lives a long life of contentment, peace and natural wealth.

The "6 Symbols of Longevity" design can inspire the peoples of the world to cherish the earth and all life on it, sustaining it in a harmonious state. Only by taking this approach, can the environment where we all live be protected. An ecologically balanced system allows a sustainable and pleasant home where the ideology of "6 Longevities" can become a reality.