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Karmapa Dream Flag - 36"X 21"

Karmapa Dream Flag - 36"X 21"

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This is the medium size of our Karmapa Dream Flags. Our version of the "Namkhyen Gyaldar" is made from two separate pieces of colored cloth sewn together with embroidery thread.  Viewed equally  well from both sides, our Dream flags are thicker and more durable than printed flags. The edges are fully hemmed. The cloth is high quality (90%/ 10%) cotton/ polyester (more durable than nylon).  There is both a tube hem and cloth ties on the side for attaching to a pole. Karmapa Dream Flags come in 3 sizes.

The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, well known for his visions and prophesies, designed this flag from a vision that came to him in a dream. He called it “Namkhyen Gyaldar  (Namchen) - meaning the Victorious Flag of Buddha’s Wisdom.  He proclaimed, “Wherever this banner is flown the Dharma will flourish.”

According to the outer meaning the blue represents the sky (Nam) or heaven. The yellow symbolizes the earth. The wave symbolizes the Buddhadharma penetrating heaven and earth. According to the inner meaning the blue represents vision and spiritual insight and the yellow symbolizes our experience of the everyday world. The symmetry of the wave pattern shows the interdependence of the absolute and relative levels of reality. According to the secret meaning the blue symbolizes emptiness-wisdom and the yellow represents compassionate action. The wave is Mahamudra: the union of compassion and wisdom- the ultimate realization of one’s true nature.

FAQ: Is the pole side supposed to be on the yellow end or the blue end of the Dream Flag?
A: We checked with several Kagyu monasteries in India and Sikkim and were told that it doesn't matter.  We chose to put the sleeve and ties on the yellow end because we think it looks better.  We have still have some with the blue end ties mixed in with our inventory.  If it really makes a difference to you, please let us know and we'll try to send you the design you prefer.
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