Sale Items

The items we put in the "Sale Item" category are mostly discontinued products. We have limited space in our warehouse and over the years, as we've created and chosen products to carry in our collections, we've removed others.

Our earlier pole flags hand only ties to attach the flag to the pole.  Later one we added a sleeve, in case you preferred to slip the flag over the pole.  Our line of vertical prayer flags has both the sleeve and the ties, which you can cut off if you're not using them.  We ended up with quite a few of the old design, pole flags with no sleeve; only ties.  We'll put all those on sale (eventually) until we run out.

Our original "Dharma Caps" were adjustable; one-size-fits-all.  Then we discovered Flex-fit caps. They are superior in quality to the adjustable, but require twice as much warehouse space, because of the two sizes.  We discontinued the adjustable caps but have over 300 of them.   We don't have the space or time to carry both the adjustables and Flex-fits.  Many customers prefer the adjustable caps - so you're in luck. You can buy them for nearly 70% off.... while they last.

We have some beautiful wall hangings and 5 color sets of large traditional prayer flags that are loose (not sewn on rope).  We'll put these in the sale section as we come across them and have time to photograph them and put them on the website. 

Check this Sale Items section from time to time. You might find some great bargains!