About Us

My name is Timothy Clark.  I am the founder of Radiant Heart Studios. I was introduced to the prayer flag tradition by my teacher, Acharya Lama Dawa Chodak. I have been collecting, drawing, printing and distributing Tibetan prayer flags since 1974.  For the next 30 years I printed prayer flags in my "off the grid" house near Garberville in Northern California. My main career is architecture. Prayer flags have always been a secondary occupation. In 1996, when the internet reached our remote area, I was fortunate to acquire "prayerflags.com." What had been a part-time hobby grew into a viable business. In 2000 I added a new line of prayer flags printed and sewn in Kathmandu (see "Radiant Heart East", below)

In 2004 I married a Tibetan woman, Tsering Chodon, whom I'd met during my travels in Asia. We moved our home and businesses to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008. I occassionally find time to create new prayer flag and deity print designs, but architecture and running the day to day prayer flag distribution business is more than a full time job. Some of our prayer flags are still printed in Northern California by Sammy at MCL Screenworks while most are printed in our Kathmandu Studio.