Praises to the 21 Taras


Om! Homage to the Noble Arya Tara! Praise to Tara, the swift Heroine!
Your eyes flash like lightening. Born from the tear of Compassion’s Lord, you arise from a blooming lotus.
Praise to Tara, whose face, like the gathering of a hundred full autumn moons, Blazes with the illuminating radiance of a thousand star nebuli.
Praise to Tara whose hand is adorned with the blue-gold lotus. You are the embodiment of generosity, joyous effort, discipline, patience, peace, and meditation.
Praise to Tara, zenith crown of the Buddhas! Infinitely Victorious One, Having attained all transcendent perfections you are revered by all Bodhisattvas.
Praise to Tara who fills the three realms with her seed syllables “TUTTARE” and “HUNG!” Your feet trample the seven worlds and all beings are drawn to you.
Praise to Tara! You are honored by the great gods Indra, Agni, Brahma, Vayu and Ishvara. Spirits, ghosts, demons and celestial beings all sing your praises.
Praise to Tara! Your wrathful mantras “TRAT” and “PHAT” Annihilate the magical spells of your enemies. Trampling with right foot up and left extended You sit gracefully amidst a blazing conflagration.
Praise to Tara, the Great Wrathful One whose mantra “TURE” destroys the mighty demons. The fierce expression on your lotus face slays all enemies without exception.
Praise to Tara whose hand is at the heart in the mudra of the Three Jewels; Right palm adorned with the Universal Wheel, emitting beams of light in all directions.
Praise to Tara whose brilliant crown, majestic and joyous, radiates garlands of light. Your mocking laughter of “TUTTARA” subdues all worldly negative energies.
Praise to Tara who is able to summon all guardians of the Earth. Your wrathful utterance of the syllable “HUNG!” rescues all from misfortune.
Praise to Tara crowned with crescent moon, and adorned with ornaments fully ablaze. In your hair knot sits Amitabha Buddha eternally radiating great beams of light.
Praise to Tara, abiding in a blazing garland that resembles the apocalyptic fire at eon’s end. Sitting left foot crossed, right extended, in the posture of royal ease, you destroy the enemy armies.
Praise to Tara! With your palm you strike the ground and pound the earth with your feet. With wrathful scowl and the syllable “HUNG!” You conquer the sevenfold underworlds.
Praise to Tara, Oh happy, virtuous and peaceful One abiding in calm Nirvana Empowered with the mantras “OM” and “SOHA,” You completely destroy the great evils.
Praise to Tara infused with Joy! You shatter the bodies of enemies With your ten syllable mantra, with the knowledge syllable “HUNG” you liberate all.
Praise to Tara, born from the seed syllable “HUNG!” Stamping your feet and proclaiming “TURE” You cause Mt, Meru, Mandara, Kailash and the three worlds to tremble and shake.
Praise to Tara who holds the moon like a celestial ocean. By twice uttering “TARA” and “PHAT” you dispel the poisons one and all.
Praise to Tara, honored by the Divine Kings, Gods and Kinnaras. Your magnificent armor and joyful splendor dispels bad dreams and conficts.
Praise to Tara whose eyes are brilliant with the light of the sun and full moon. With twice-spoken “HARA” and “TUTTARE” virulent epidemics are dispelled!
Praise to Tara, enlightened in Body Speech and Mind, and perfectly endowed with the power of serenity. You destroy the hosts of evil spirits, zombies and yakshas.
O Ture, most excellent and sublime! By the merit generated by these offerings and requests to you precious Guru, compassionate Mother Tara grant that I and the limitless beings cleanse the obscurations of duality, complete the accumulations of merit and wisdom and quickly attain unsurpassed enlightenment. Until then, in all our lives, may we attain the joy of the higher realms. In the lands that we dwell please pacify all hindrances, harmful spirits, epidemics, disease, untimely death, nightmares, ill omens, the 8 great fears and all other harmful influences.

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Praise to the 21 Taras in English - Single Print (20"x 30")
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10 ft tall Bhutanese Style Compassion Prayer Flag
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