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10 foot - Purification of Karma - Bhutanese Style

10 foot - Purification of Karma - Bhutanese Style

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This flag raises good fortune by purifying negative karma. This 10 foot tall Bhutanese style prayer flag has seven repeated prints.  They have Vajrasattva and consort in the center with the Four Dignities in the corners. There are prayers to the 5 Buddha Families, Vajrasattva, Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani, Tara, and Guru Rinpoche along with repititions of Vajrasattva's hundred syllable mantra. This design appears on the white flags.

  The Bhutanese style flags have borders that are the same color as the body of the flag (ie. red flag with red border).  This traditional prayer flag is woodblock printed with waterproof black ink on high quality white cotton cloth. The double-folded border is along the pole edge, creating a sleeve, open at the bottom and closed at the top, that can be slipped over the pole.  There are also cloth ties along the pole edge that can be used to tie to the pole or can be cut off with scissors if you prefer to use the sleeve option.  The other three sides of the prayer flag are also hemmed.

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