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Mini Prayer Flag - Set of 10 on Rope
5 ft. Long

Mini Prayer Flag - Set of 10 on Rope<br>5 ft. Long

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We call these small flags “mini flags" not because they are tiny but because they're smaller than our other prayer flags. Each flag measures 6 in. X 8 in. They are silk screen printed with black or white ink in 5 designs; each design on a different color cloth:

Blue- Avalokiteshvara with Mani Mantra (Compassion)
White- Vajrasattva Yab Yum (Purification)
Red - Guru Rinpoche (Wish Fulfilling)
Green -Tara (Compassion)
Yellow- Wind Horse (Victory Banner)

Mini Flags come in sets of 5, 10 and 25.

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