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OM - Maroon (S,L)

OM - Maroon (S,L)

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OM (Tibetan Script) The Primordial Sound. The eternal vibration. OM is seed syllable of the Dharmakaya - the Mind of Buddha, the unborn basic space from which all existence manifests. It represents the indivisible, indestructible, primal essence of all and everything. OM is the vibration of the Crown Chakra and the seed syllable of the God Realm. It represents the incomprehensible Truth, beyond the beyond.

Sizes:  Small - fits hat sizes 6 ¾ – 7 ¼ (21”- 23” around)
            Large - fits hat sizes 7 1/8 – 7 5/8 (22 5/8”- 24 ½”)
The spandex band stretches so, if you’re in between sizes, go for the smaller size.

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