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Mixed Set of Screen Printed Prayer Flags - 5 on rope (6' long)

Mixed Set of Screen Printed Prayer Flags - 5 on rope (6' long)

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Buddhist prayers, mantras and symbols are slik-screen printed in Tibetan script on high quality cotton fabric.  Each flag is 14”x 18” and sewn onto nylon rope.  The screen printing produces a clear and detailed print with different colors of ink; darker inks on the lighter shades of fabric and lighter inks on the dark backgrounds. 
A different prayer is printed on each of the 5 colors of cloth and sewn onto ropes in horizontal display.  They come pre-sewn in sets of 5 flags, 10 flags or 25 flags (5 sets of 5). Each flag is approximately 14" x 18" so a set of 5 flags is about 6 ft. long, the set of 10 is 14 ft. long, and a set of 25 flags is about 30 ft. long.

Blue Flag - Medicine Buddha (Healing and Longevity)
White Flag - Avalokiteshvara(Compassion)
Red Flag- Guru Padmasambhava (Wish Fulfilling Prayer)
Green Flag- Green Tara (Protection from All Harm)
Yellow Flag - Windhorse with 4 Auspicious Animals (Victory over Obstacles)

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