Single 5-Color Pole Flags - Prayer to Avert Nuclear War 5 Color Flag

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Nuclear weapons are the most terrifying weapons ever invented: no weapon is more destructive; no weapon causes such unspeakable human suffering. There are over 14,500 nuclear weapons in 9 countries around the world. Even a ‘limited’ nuclear war involving 100 Hiroshima-sized bombs (i.e. less than half a per cent of the world’s stockpile) would engulf the earth in a cloud of dust and smoke that would block sunlight. The ensuing nuclear winter could kill food crops, starving a billion people. Although there are efforts to reduce the nuclear stockpiles, our world leaders seem unwilling or incapable of eliminating the threat.
Many spiritual leaders are imploring us to work diligently on both material and spiritual levels to counteract potential nuclear disasters.
The Dzogchen Master and accomplished Tibetan Buddhist Yogi, H.H. Chatral Sangay Dorje (1913-2015), wrote this special prayer to avert nuclear war. Chatral Rinpoche's spiritual consort, Sangyum Kamala, asked Radiant Heart Studios to design prayer flags with this prayer and make them available. Displaying them in great numbers all around the world will help to counteract the nuclear threat.
On this 2 ft x 10' prayer flag, the Prayer for Averting Nuclear War is written in both Tibetan and English on each of the 5 colors of high quality cotton cloth in a vertical display. There is a red border on the pole side (which has both ties and a sleeve), and there are 10 colorful streamers with "enhancing mantras" sewn to the outside edgeof the flag.
Here is the English Version of the prayer: A Prayer to Avert Nuclear War by H.H. Chatral Sangay Dorje Namo Guru Ratnatraya! I bow to the Teacher and the Three Jewels. True Leader of the Golden Age, Crown of the Sakyas, Second Buddha, Prince of Oddiyana, Lake-Born Vajra, Bodhisattvas, the Eight Spiritual Heirs, the High Nobles, Avalokitesvara, Manjushri,Vajrapani and the rest. I bow to the Twenty-one Taras, host of Noble Elders, Root and Lineage Lamas, Yidams, the Peaceful and Wrathful deities, to the Dakinis of the Earth, the Heavens and the Purelands; to you who through wisdom or karma have become Defenders of the Doctrine, Guardians of the Directions, and the seventy-five Glorious Protectors! You who are clairvoyant, powerful, magical and mighty, behold and remember the beings in this age of turmoil! We are beings born at the sorry end of time. An ocean of ill-effects overflows from our universally bad actions. The forces of light flicker, the forces of darkness, a demon army, inflames great and powerful men. They rise in conflict, armed with nuclear weapons that will disintegrate the earth. This weapon of perverse and errant intentions has unleashed the hurricane. Soon, in an instant, it will reduce the world and all those in it to atoms of dust. Though this ill-omened devil’s tool, is easy to see, to hear and contemplate, ignorant people, caught in a net of confusion and doubt, are obstinate and refuse to understand. It terrifies us just to hear about or remember this monstrous thing. The world is filled with uncertainty. There is no means of stopping it, nor place of hope, other than You, the Noble Three Jewels and Three Roots. If we cry to you like children calling their mother and father, if we implore you with this prayer, do not falter in your ancient vows! Stretch out the lightning hand of compassion! Protect and shelter us defenseless beings, and free us from fear! When the mighty barbarians sit in councils of war - barbarians who rob the earth of pleasure and happiness, barbarians who have wrong, rough, and poisonous thoughts - please bend their chiefs and lieutenants to the side of peace and happiness! Pacify on the spot, the armed struggle that obstructs us! Turn away and defeat the atomic weapons of the demons' messengers, and by that power, make long the life of the righteous, and spread the theory and practice of the doctrine to the four corners of this great world! Eliminate root, branches, leaves, and even the names of those dark forces - the humans and non-humans, who hate others and the teachings! Spread vast happiness and goodness over this fragile planet! Elevate kindness and delight with the Four Kinds of Glory. As in the golden age, with all strife gone, let us be busy only with the dance of pleasure, the dance of joy! We pray with pure thoughts, with refuge in the Three Supreme Jewels, the ocean of compassion, and the power of the the Dharmadhatu, the perfect sublime truth. Achieve the goal of this, our prayer, magically, just as we have hoped and dreamed!