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5 Color Woodblock Printed - 7'-6" Tall

5 Color Woodblock Printed - 7'-6" Tall

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The prints on this prayer flag are woodblock printed using black ink. This traditional prayer flag has the 5 different designs in 5 different colors of fabric all sewn into one tall flag, 7-6" tall and 18" wide. There are 10 colored streamers printed with prayers and mantras to increase the prayers' generating power. The prayer flag may be attached to a pole using either the green sleeve or the cloth ties. These flags are made in our own Kathmandu studio; printed of durable tightly woven cotton cloth.

The 5 woodblock designs are:
Blue - Health & Longevity
White- Vajrasattva- Purification of Karma
Red- Guru Rinpoche with Sampa Lhundrup Prayer
Green- Compassion & Protection, Green Tara with Prayer of the 21 Taras
Yellow- Windhorse/ Victory Banner

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