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Small Windhorse (13"X 16")

Small Windhorse (13"X 16")

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The traditional Wind Horse Prayer Flags are ancient designs. In the center of the flag is the Wind Horse, the uplifting energy that carries good fortune to all beings. In the corners are the "Four Dignities": the Garuda (wisdom), the Dragon (gentle power) the Snow Lion (fearless joy), and the Tiger (confidence). The Eight Auspicious Symbols (See S-1) are depicted around the perimeter. Various prayers and mantras are included in the text. The Wind Horse carries the wish fulfilling jewel of enlightenment. At the top is a symbolic representation of the Buddhas's first teaching at Deer Park. The text inscribes the mantras of many deities: Manjushri, Avolokiteshvara, Vajrapani, Amitabha, Amitayus, Padmasambhava, The Peaceful Deities, the Wrathful Deities, Tara, Vajrakilaya, and Vajrasattva.

We print these flags on 100% cotton fabric in our California Studio. Because the artwork is excellent, the cloth is higher quality and labor is more expensive in the West, they cost quite a bit more than the Windhorse flags we print in Kathmandu. 

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