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The Naga King Migon Kharpo Photo

The Naga King Migon Kharpo Photo

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This painting was given to me by my teacher, Acharya Lama Dawa Chhodak.  He instructed me to put it inside the Naga Palace (Lukhang) that we were building on my land in Northern California. Nagas are elemental beings associated with the water element. They guard the earth's treasures and many Buddhist texts. 

According to legend, Nagajuna retrieved a perfection-of-wisdom sutra (the Heart Sutra) from the bottom of the sea. The Buddha had entrusted these teachings to the king of the nagas for safekeeping.

Making offerings to the Nagas on the astrological days that are associated with their activity, can play an important role in establishing harmony and balance in the environment, as well as curing many kinds of diseases. Practitioners who regularly make offerings to the Nagas, turning them into their allies are often benefited by increased health and prosperity.

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