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Vaisravana - Medium Size

Vaisravana - Medium Size

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     This is an excellent thangka painting; one of the finest in our collection. It is painted in a popular modern style with muted colors, nice shading and a rose hue.
     I believe the two standing attendants at the bottom of the painting are Yakshis (female yakshas)  The one on the left seems to be associated with Manjushri – Bodhisattva of infinite wisdom. The one on the right I’m not sure about.  It is a black semiwrathful figure with the skullcup. Maybe associated with Vajrapani.  If anyone of you is familiar with their identities, please write to me so I can include it in this description.
     Vaisravana embodies righteousness and morality in his capacity as the guardian of Dharma. His teachings encourage followers to follow the path of virtue, promoting a just and compassionate society. His teachings act as a beacon, pointing people toward a life filled with spiritual fulfillment.
     As the guardian of material wealth and spiritual prosperity, He is the supreme protector of the northern direction in Buddhist cosmology. He has a crucial function in promoting spiritual development and providing defense against evil powers. His guardianship is evidence of his fortitude and goodness.

If you are interested in seeing the whole piece  with the surrounding brocade contact us and we can send a photo (

Painting Size: 15”x21.5”      Brocade Size: 25”x 44”    Price: $450

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