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Vaisravana Thangka - Large Size

Vaisravana Thangka - Large Size

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Vaiśravaṇa is in the center.  Known as the Guardian King of the North, he is a Dharmapala (protector). He is one of the major gods of wealth. Riding a Snow Lion, he carries a victory banner (gyaltsen) as a symbol of his sovereignty. In his left hand, he holds a mongoose that is ejecting jewels from its mouth. The mongoose is the enemy of the snake, a symbol of greed or hatred; the ejection of jewels represents generosity.

At top center is the Primordial Buddha, Vajradhara. I'm not sure who the white female deity holding a bumpa (treasure vase) at top left. The figure at the right appears to be an aspect of Manjushri, Bodhisattva of Infinite Wisdom. The figures at the bottom are Dharma Protectors; Kalarupa/ Dharmaraj on the left and Palden Lhamo on the right.

This is a very large thangka painting; nearly 6 feet tall including the brocade.  It is a hand-painted one -of-a-kind piece, priced to sell at $500.  5"x7" and 8"x10" photo of it are also available in the Thangka Photo section of this website..  

If you are interested in seeing the whole piece with the surrounding brocade, contact us and we can send a photo (

Painting Size: 26”x36”    ”      Brocade Size: 41”x71”       Price: $500

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