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Vajrasattva - 22 in x 33 in

Vajrasattva - 22 in x 33 in

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     This is a good quality thangka painting with nice shading and subtle tones. 
Canvas Size: 9.5 inches x 14.5"     Brocade Border Size: 22 inches x 33 inches

     Vajrasattva (Tibetan Dorje Sempa), symbolizes the purity of enlightened mind our true nature. In Sanskrit, vajra (Tibetan: dorje) means “indestructible.” Sattva (Tibetan: sempa) means “being.” Our primordial mind, indestructible pure awareness, is beyond the cycle of birth and death. 
     Vajrasattva holds a vajra in his right hand. The vajra represents skillful means: the ability to skillfully navigate and transform obstacles into the path to enlightenment.
In his left hand, Vajrasattva holds a bell or “ghanta” in Tibetan. It symbolizes the wisdom aspect of enlightened mind. The hollow shape of the bell symbolizes “emptiness;” the understanding that all phenomena lack inherent existence The wisdom bell of emptiness cuts through delusion and awakens beings from ignorance.
Skillful means and wisdom are two essential aspects of the path to enlightenment. Together they create compassionate action. The integration of wisdom and method is crucial for spiritual progress and the realization of one's true nature. 
The purpose of Vajrasattva practice, its visualizations, mantra recitations and sadhanas (rituals) is for purification, particularly the purification of negative karma, defilements, and obstacles on the path to enlightenment. The practices transform negative emotions and actions. Devotion to Vajrasattva, one’s own true nature, purifies the practitioner's body, speech and mind, paving the way for spiritual progress and realization.

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