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Wind Horse Prayer Flag Set of 5 (3'-10")

Wind Horse Prayer Flag Set of 5 (3'-10")

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The flags in this set are each 8"x 10", so they are in between the size of our Mini-Flags (6"x 8")  and our standard size prayer flags (14"x 18".) The set of 5 is approximately 44" long (plus 12'' of rope on either end)

The Wind Horse (Tibetan: Lung-ta) is the most popular type of Tibetan prayer flag.  Carrying the flaming Jewel of Enlightment, the Wind Horse symbolizes the uplifting  LIfe Force energy that creates good fortune. Raising ones "Lung-ta" increases health, wealth and power.  Putting up Wind Horse prayer flags is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise one's "Lung-ta" and benefit beings in the vicinity.

Also pictured on this traditional prayer flag are the "Four Dignities": the Garuda (wisdom), the Dragon (gentle power) the Snow Lion (fearless joy), and the Tiger (confidence).

The text is composed of mantras associated with 20 deities. Deities are aspects of enlightened energy such as compassion, wisdom, power, health, wealth, etc. 


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