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Woodblock Printed Prayer Flags
Set of 5 Flags on Rope (6 ft. Long)

Woodblock Printed Prayer Flags<br>Set of 5 Flags on Rope (6 ft. Long)

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Ancient Buddhist texts, symbols, prayers and mantras, in Tibetan script, are printed on high quality 14”x 18” cloth and sewn onto strong nylon rope. Highly skilled artisans in our Kathmandu studio produce clear and detailed prints using traditional woodblock printing techniques. Our sets of prayer flags come packaged with an explanation label included.

Five different designs are printed on 5 colors of cotton cloth and sewn onto ropes in horizontal display:
Blue- Health & Longevity (Amitayus, White Tara, Vijaya with Tsa La Nam Sum text)
White- Karma Purification (Vajrasattva with 100 syllable & other various mantras)
Red- Padmasambhava Wish Fulfilling Prayer (Sampa Lhundrup)
Green- Tara/ Compassion (Green Tara with Prayer of the 21 Taras & Tara's mantra)
Yellow- Wind Horse/ Victory (Windhorse, with 4 Dignities & Gyaltsen Semo prayer)
The woodblock printed designs come in sets of 5 flags, 10 flags and 25 flags. 

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