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Yantra for Wealth & Properity

Yantra for Wealth & Properity

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Yantras are visual tools, created by enlightened Tantric masters,  used as meditation centering devices and as talismans to attract benevolent forces and to protect against negative energies.  In 1989 Lama Dawa and I translated the section on yantras from a text called "The 100,000 Protectors of the Vajra Garland."  It is a Terma (treasure) text of the tantra line hidden by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century and discovered by Lama Gonpa Dupa in the 16th century.  There are 109 yantras to repulse all kinds of negative energies and attract many kinds of positive energies. 

This particular yantra is for attracting wealth and prosperity.  Displayed in one's household it will help attract the energies of good fortune.

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