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Tsuktor Namgyalma - Red 27"x 27"

Tsuktor Namgyalma - Red 27"x 27"

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Namgyalma is a Bodhisattva commonly illustrated white in color, with 3 faces and 8 arms. She is a deity for long life and purification and her mantra is said to have infinite benefits. The powerful mantra purifies negative karma and liberates beings from the lower realms. Shakyamuni Buddha taught the benefits of the Namgyalma mantra to the Four Direction Guardian Kings.  On this prayer flag the mantra is composed into a mantra mandala.  

 Place this mantra on a mountain and the entire mountain becomes blessed, benefiting all the humans, animals and insects who touch or climb the mountain.  All who are touched by the wind passing through the flag or even by the flag’s shadow are said to be purified of negativity, protected from the eight great fears and from rebirth in the lower realms.

Printed on high quality cotton fabric; all edges hemmed.
Screen printed with waterproof, colored inks
There is both a sleeve and ties on the pole edge.
Size: 27in. x 27in. (plus streamers)

  Namgyalma Mantra Transliteration     


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