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Gyaltsen Semo (19"X 26")

Gyaltsen Semo (19"X 26")

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The sutra printed on this Banner of Victory was imparted to Indra, King of the Gods, by the Buddha Sakyamuni. Facing defeat by the Asuras, Indra was instructed to repeat this sutra in order to achieve victory over all obstacles and enemies. This exquisitely drawn traditional Tibetan Prayer flag portrays the "Four Dignities" in the corners. On the left side are the Eight Auspicious Symbols and down the right side are the eight precious possessions of a Monarch (minister, queen, wish fulfilling jewel, vase, horse, general, golden wheel elephant). At the bottom of the banner is the Wind Horse of good fortune among the five sensuous offerings. At the top center sits Sakyamuni Buddha in subduing pose surrounded by the eight glorious offerings. The composite creatures depicted in the center of the banner symbolize peace and harmony in the union of Opposites. Above them flies the glorious Banner of Victory.

Gyaltsen Semo Translation

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